About Garrett

Hi. I’m Garrett Coan. I’m a Licensed Clinical Therapist. In my role as a teacher and healer, I see myself as a catalyst for change in people’s relationships. I help couples who yearn for that special connection but, no matter how hard they try, end up frustrated and demoralized. I explore with couples their relationship history and, in the process, help them uncover negative communication patterns which they were completely unaware of. I then teach the couple techniques and strategies to modify and replace these harmful habits.

The most uplifting and inspiring aspect of my work is seeing my couples’ relationships transform and grow. Feeling more in control of their emotions and behavior, my couples begin to feel confident in their ability to cultivate a healthier relationship dynamic. It makes my job so rewarding and gratifying to witness the hopefulness and excitement my couples exude as they embark on their new life’s journey together.

Don’t settle for a passionless, dead-end relationship! You truly have the ability to not only salvage your relationship, but re-invent it. If you are ready to identify your relationship’s roadblocks and discover effective solutions, then give me a call at 201-303-4303 or send me an email through the contact page.