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Divorce Mediation: Quick, Amicable, Cost Effective

     Sometimes, despite your best efforts at rectifying the problems in your marriage, you reach an impasse. You can’t reconcile your differences and therefore decide you must divorce. Regarding the division of assets and arrangements for the children, it’s critical that agreement is reached in the quickest, most cost-effective, and amicable manner. It’s essential that the two of you create an atmosphere of civility so that your children are not adversely impacted.

     As a divorce mediator, I am highly skilled at facilitating collaboration and helping couples reach consensus. I help both parties stay focused on the bigger picture. Divorce mediation has many advantages. Mediation allows you and your partner to move on with your life without getting stuck in endless legal battles. Divorce mediation also costs a fraction of what you would pay in litigation and is much less stressful. The best part is that everyone comes away feeling that they have been treated honorably and fairly.

Everyone wins!


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