Divorce Mediation

Mediation: The Healthy and Amicable Way To Separate

     Sometimes, despite your best efforts at rectifying the problems in your relationship, you reach an impasse. You simply can’t reconcile your differences and therefore decide you must separate and/or divorce. Regarding practical issues that will effect you and your children, it’s critical that the two of you engage each other collaboratively and respectfully.

     As an experienced relationship counselor, I am highly skilled at facilitating collaboration and helping separating couples reach consensus on the pressing issues they now face. I help both parties stay focused on the bigger picture of maintaining a healthy and positive family dynamic. Mediation has many advantages.

     Mediation allows you and your partner to move on with your life without getting stuck in legal battles. Mediation also costs less than litigation and is far less stressful. The best part is that everyone comes away feeling that they have been treated honorably and fairly. This sets the stage for a friendly and cooperative co-parent relationship going forward.

Everyone wins!


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