Coping with Infidelity

Coping With Infidelity

When you discover that your partner has cheated on you, you’re initial reaction is one of shock, anger and sadness. You will likely feel betrayed and rejected. Your feelings of trust, safety and security within the relationship become greatly diminished.

In my couples counseling NJ practice, I help couples heal and grow in the wake of infidelity. I help my clients identify the underlying causes of infidelity both within the dynamic of the relationship and related to any personal issues either partner may be struggling with.

Factors that frequently contribute to infidelity are sex addiction, sexual frustration in the relationship, perceived lack of affection, empathy and validation, and feelings of loneliness and estrangement. When both parties feel they can no longer understand or relate to one another or they engage in frequent arguments and fights, then infidelity is more likely to occur. At times when the marital bond is under great duress, partners are more susceptible to seeking emotional support and connection outside the relationship.

In my marriage counseling NJ practice, I treat infidelity by improving communication and restoring the capacity for empathy, support and understanding. By enhancing the couple’s ability to assertively express their feelings and needs while receiving reassurance and validation, I help restore the couple's sense of safety and attachment.