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Garrett Coan’s relationship counseling service has now completed 18 very successful years. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and then New York University, Garrett went on to receive a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) status, the highest designation awarded for a relationship counselor, in the state of NJ. Garrett is also a certified clinical supervisor, lending his expertise and supervision to train, evaluate and guide other licensed practicing clinicians and relationship counsellors, in the state of NJ. Over almost two decades, Garrett Coan and his couples counselling NJ service have set high standards that have come to be sought after benchmarks, in the state of New Jersey. Garrett Coan’s Credentials • Graduate from University of Pennsylvania and New York University • 18+ Years of Experience • LCSW Certified (Highest level of certification for a relationship counsellor in NJ) • Certified Clinical Supervisor assisting and guiding other relationship counsellors • Reviewed and rated with critical acclaim, by colleagues and past clients alike

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Is Your Marriage or Relationship Riddled with These Problems?

• Do you or your partner hold onto grudges?
• Do you often disagree on just about anything?
• Do you feel money and finances are affecting your relationship?
• Do you feel that your partner’s friends or family are intruding on your relationship?
• Do you bicker over child rearing approaches?
• Do you feel your partner’s habits or personality is just incompatible?
• Do you avoid conflict and sweep issues under the rug?
• Are warmth, affection and physical intimacy infrequent or practically non-existent?• Do you or your partner feel seriously betrayed due to acts of infidelity?

All of These Issues Can be Overcome!

But, You Need Help from the Right Couples Counseling NJ Service

Marriage Counseling NJ

How Garrett Coan’s Relationship Counseling NJ practice can fix pressing problems tearing your marriage or relationship apart?

Your Relationship is Severely Affected by Infidelity

Discovery of infidelity can lead to shock and anger that will later transcend into a strong sense of betrayal and rejection. Garrett Coan’s marriage counseling NJ service will help couples navigate this very difficult obstacle to regaining trust in a relationship or marriage.

Garrett’s counseling sessions will help both partners understand why one might have cheated, how it can be forgiven and how it can be certainly avoided in the future. Both the cheater and the victim will realize how simple communication, empathy and understanding can help them regain their trust in each other.

Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice if you feel overwhelmed and unable to get past an incident of infidelity that has shocked your marriage or relationship, but you still want to somehow make the relationship work again.

Couples Counseling NJ
Couples Therapy NJ

Holding Onto Grudges in a Relationship

If you or your partner hold grudges in the marriage or relationship, it is actually a sign of deep dissatisfaction. In fact, the strength of a marriage depends on a partners’ ability to forgive the other, not highlight their mistakes! The problem however is that couples often hold grudges almost subconsciously, as a defense mechanism to ward off other serious issues affecting the relationship.

Only a marriage counseling NJ expert like Garrett Coan can even help you first realize the existence of this vital flaw in your relationship. Once you have been helped to realize why and how you hold grudges, you and your partner with the help of Garrett explore, discuss and work through the significant relationship barrier that is grudge holding. Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice to discuss why you or your partner hold grudges and discuss what can be done to overcome it.

Call Garrett’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice to discuss why you or your partner hold grudges and discuss what can be done to overcome it.

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Bicker, Bicker and More Bickering?

It is only natural that couples can’t agree on everything. But, if disagreements can’t be discussed and only always argued, the marriage or relationship is sending out a serious cry for help. If you or your partner feels disrespected or undignified after an argument about a disagreement, you need the help of a marriage counseling NJ expert like Garrett.

Only a marriage counseling NJ expert like Garrett will help you realize the importance of tolerance, forbearance and compromise, to then help you use these very techniques to avoid petty and trivial disagreements from becoming heated arguments. You will learn how to agree to disagree and yet maintain a cordial and positive relationship.

Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice to understand why it is all right to disagree, but never to disrespect a partner during a disagreement.

Couples Disagreeing Over Just About Anything

Do you find yourself arguing or disagreeing on almost everything and anything? How to bring up your child? How to manage money? What should our religious stance be? These are just some of the many topics of contention that can bring about nasty opinionating, a lack of understanding and even a feeling that a partner is perennially incapable of understanding the other.

Garrett Coan’s marriage counseling NJ service will help you realize how compromise is not just necessary but crucial to a happy relationship. You and your partner will learn how to compromise, not because you have to, but because you will actually want to.

Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice to understand why even the silliest disagreements in your marriage or relationship leads to explosive arguments.

Marriage Counselors NJ
relationship counselors NJ

When Money and Finances Affects a Relationship

Sometimes, a marriage or relationship can be brought to its knees purely because of finances and money issues. Other times, it is one of the many problems that add to your relationship woes. If one of the partners has too much control over budgeting and spending or if one is too financially irresponsible, the other is going to feel significantly insecure in the monetary sense, automatically leading to a feeling of disgruntlement in the marriage.

If one of the partners is maintaining a separate bank account or is carrying out purchases secretly or is even using money to deliberately hurt the other partner or their relationship, you are in immediate need of a good marriage counseling NJ service. Garret’s sessions will help you both decipher the very sensitive topic that is finance and money matters.

Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice to understand how money and finance disagreements can be tactfully handled, to bring peace to your marriage or relationship.

Your Children Are Caught in The Battleground of Your Relationship

Do you find yourself fighting with your spouse over issues surrounding your children? It is not uncommon for an unhappy relationship to lead to a situation whereby children the focal point of conflict. Differing approaches on key child rearing practices such as modes of discipline become another source of tension and dispute. Sometimes each spouse will subconsciously recruit one or more of their children as allies.

Competing alliances within a family are detrimental to the emotional well being of children. Moreover, in families where covert collusion occurs, children learn that they can split the parents and manipulate them into getting what they want. This only exacerbates marital strife. Only a marriage counseling NJ expert like Garret Coan can help you identify this pernicious pattern and eliminate it.

Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice to understand why there is favoritism towards one child and understand why it is extremely toxic to both your relationship and your children

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Inability to Understand Partner’s Personality, Habits and Style

No two people are the same. The way you are brought up, the habits you pick up, the way your families expressed emotions all affect your personality, habits and style. Sometimes, couples realize that their partner’s personality, habits or style is simply incompatible with theirs, leading to discontentment and even resentment over time.
Only a seasoned marriage counselling NJ expert like Garrett can help you realize, understand and appreciate the intent of actions of a partner, and not focus on “how” those actions were executed. Garrett will also help both partners find critical middle ground for the future, to ensure compatibility in style and personality.

Call Garrett Coan’s Marriage Counseling NJ practice if you feel helpless about your dislike for your partner’s personality and style of communication, even if you love them otherwise!

best marriage counselors in NJ
best marriage counselors in NJ

Pretending Your Relationship is OK, by Sweeping Issues under the Rug

Sometimes, one partner is too petrified at the thought of confrontation about certain issues in a marriage or relationship, fearing the relationship will fall apart if they do summon the courage to confront their partner.
While sweeping such thoughts under the rug can bring about temporary relief, it can also bring about intense feelings of dissatisfaction at a later time, when you are in a position to properly rationalize your thoughts.

Only a seasoned marriage counseling NJ expert like Garrett Coan can help you realize the reality of the strength of your relationship, laying it out in the open, with full transparency. Acknowledgement of an issue is key to resolving an unhappy marriage or relationship. Though this crucial exercise will translate into tumultuous discussions, it is vital to repairing a couples bond in the long run.

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