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Jennifer Negron

1 day ago Dr. Coan has been a wonderful therapist! He is so helpful with facilitating conversations that can be hard to have otherwise. He’s an amazing listener and instantly makes you feel at ease and safe to speak freely. Very grateful for the help he’s provided to my relationship! Posted on Google ben s

ben s

21 days ago Garrett is very good at facilitating difficult conversations between couples. He is an excellent listener. He is able to help us better navigate sensitive topics and improve communication. Instead of never-ending arguments that never get to a resolution, Garrett expertly guides discussions/conversations between my spouse and I, allowing us to find common ground. This leads to improved communication: productive, more open, respectful, non-defensive. It is a work in progress, but Garrett is giving us tools to create a stronger foundation through better communication. Thank you Garrett. Read more Posted on Google andrea breitman

andrea breitman

28 days ago Garrett has been such a gift to our relationship! We look forward to our time with him and always have much to reflect on afterwards. His insight and suggestions have helped us to remember each other’s perspectives and while our connection has always been strong, we have grown even closer because of it. Thank you Garrett! Posted on Google Janet wolf

Janet wolf

1 month ago Our experience with Mr. Coan was a pleasant one! He was attentively a good listener to our issues and provided positive feedback. He gave both sides a chance to express feelings and concerns. We were able to learn from each other while working with Mr. Coan in a way we couldnt do on our own. In a span of several sessions we achieved to overcome communication issues and relationship obstacles. Thank you Garrett for all your professional assistance. We highly recommend his services! Best of luck to all Read more Posted on Google Nikita Patterson

Nikita Patterson

1 month ago Dr. Coan has been a blessing to both me and my husband. All of our sessions were productive, ending in postive resolution. Dr. Coan is a great listener, he offers excellent plans of action, and I’d definitely recommend his expertise/services for any couple experiencing any level of conflict in their relationship. Posted on Google Stephanie Theresa

Stephanie Theresa

2 months ago Dr Coan has been an absolute pleasure to work with. My fianc√© and I decided to go see him to make sure that our relationship was rock solid before taking our marriage oaths to one another. After just our first 2 sessions, we already began to see changes in our communication with each other, something that we hadn’t been able to accomplish over the last 3+ years on our own. The input, advice, and tools that Dr Coan provides is beyond helpful. He truly gives couples an unbiased perspective of things and opens the doors to talk about those harder topics in a relationship. Couples therapy with Dr Coan was by far one of the best decisions we have ever made and we highly recommend him to any couple seeking help. Read more Posted on Google Rikki B

Rikki B

3 months ago Garrett showed a level of expertise and guidance that was refreshing. Garrett manages to successfully set expectations and meet the goals his clients wish to achieve. His methods work and you should consider his services as he provides a quality experience. Posted on Google Sandra Hunka

Sandra Hunka

4 months ago So far we went to see Garrett 3 times and the change is unbelievable. I highly recommend seeing him if your marriage experience problems. Posted on Google Nik S

Nik S

4 months ago Garret was extremely helpful in facilitating conversations we’ve had a hard time having on our own. He is so easy to talk to, is a great listener and helps navigate issues in a very diplomatic way after listening to both people. We are so glad we made the decision to see Garret, he has helped our marriage tremendously.Thank you, Garrett! Posted on Google Anna Burns

Anna Burns

5 months ago Garrett is a wonderful therapist. He is caring and listens attentively to both sides and offers his opinion with excellent advice. We felt very comfortable with him and he helped my husband and I see both sides of a situation making our communication between the two of us much better. Posted on Google francesca canepa

francesca canepa

5 months ago Dr Garrett Coan has been a big help in my experience and difficulties that I’m going through in my relationship right now with my partner. We still see him once a week. It’s a big help for both. We grow together and individually. Also let’s us see perspective we can’t see with each other. Highly recommend him with any type of problems, misunderstandings, difficulties, etc. Five stars for sure.Thank you. Read more Posted on Google Erica Jean

Erica Jean

6 months ago I am pleased to say that Mr.Coan is the best marriage counselor I have ever seen. Actually, He’s the one who’s saving my marriage right now . We tried two marital counselors, but only one session was successful. When we met Mr.Coan, we knew we had found the correct individual. He listens, gives input, and has been a huge help to us over the last few months.I highly recommend him. Read more Posted on Google Vd Vd

Vd Vd

7 months ago Garrett has helped my husband and I get through a difficult part of our marriage and be able to communicate with each other. We are greatly appreciative for what he has done for us. Posted on Google Aniesh Adorno

Aniesh Adorno

8 months ago Working with Mr. Coan has been an amazing learning experience. During the time that we have been meeting with Mr. Coan, my partner and I have improved our communication and strengthened our connection to each other. He creates a space where you feel heard, validated and safe.His availability is very diverse and accommodates the schedule of couples who work full time. Definitely highly recommended! Read more Posted on Google Rudy Parra

Rudy Parra

10 months ago We had a great experience with Garrett. We were originally concerned that the counseling was going to be extended for months and months but he gave us the guidance, tools and thought processes to communicate with each other and care for each other again within only a handful of sessions. We were happy with our results and will have him on speed dial if anything comes up where his guidance can help us again. Read more Posted on Google Caitlin Rivera

Caitlin Rivera

10 months ago Garrett may have single handedly saved our marriage. Highly recommend! Posted on Google Patrick Vera

Patrick Vera

11 months ago My partner and I are so grateful for the help we received from Garrett. He is an excellent listener and really provided thought-provoking discussions that ultimately helped us get to a more communicative level in our relationship. He allowed us to express ourselves freely without fear of judgment and truly created a place of healing. We highly recommend Garrett for any couples who are exploring the idea of pursuing counseling. Read more Posted on Google Billy Mercedes

Billy Mercedes

1 year ago Garrett was exactly who I needed to speak to, to learn more about why I was acting the way I was towards my wife. He helped me realize where my frustrations were coming from and help me understand my wife better! And even more amazing was the fact that he helped my wife understand where I was coming from which I had difficulty doing. I now understand and fee relieved! Thank you Garrett!! You saved me from myself and my marriage! Read more Posted on Google Mariely Rodriguez

Mariely Rodriguez

1 year ago I am very pleased with the service that Garrett has provided. He is patient, compassionate, non-judgmental and overall an AMAZING therapist. He has a calm and soothing voice and a great personality. I highly recommend him. Posted on Google Sj Jain

Sj Jain

1 year ago My husband and I were looking for a therapist, and thats when we came acorss Garrett. He made us very comfortable and listened very carefully and patiently to both of us. His unbiased, honest and progressive feedback helped us think and revive the lost love, respect and trust for each other. Things have been much better after we started therapy. Thank you Garrett again for your help. Read more Posted on Google

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