What People Are Saying About Garrett

  • Juliet C.

    Garrett was such a pleasure to talk to. My husband and I were seeing him prior to our wedding and we learned so much from him. We cannot thank Garrett enough for helping us tackle the hurdles of a new relationship and marriage, he really knows what he's talking about!

  • Cindy Peguero

    Let me start off by saying that I truly believe that had my partner and I not had the guidance and therapy from Dr. Coan we would not be nearly as good in our relationship as we are now. He took two people with a serious issue to overcome and guided us with patience, knowledge, kindness and an impartialness that we needed and that made us so much stronger. He takes a situation and makes you see it from the outside in and gives you the tools you need to overcome obstacles, and to be better both individually and as a couple. We went from feeling like we were nearing an end to now, feeling like we have a brand new beginning and I genuinely attribute so much of that progress to our sessions with him. Needless to say, if you’re in search for a therapist, we would 1000% recommend Dr. Garret Coan.

  • Arlene Olivier

    He’s great, loved our session and we are looking forward to continue working with him. Highly recommend him!

  • I was a colleague of Garrett's in the past and have always been impressed with his insight, dedication and skill. He will help you feel comfortable and allow you to utilize his services in the way that fits you best. I would certainly recommend Garrett as a therapist to anybody seeking treatment.

  • I worked with Garrett and I have to say he is a wonderful clinician. He has great insight into clients and has a variety of solutions to offer clients. He is very professional and cares about his clients. I would highly recommend Garrett to anyone that is dealing with issues and would like assistance to change!

  • Staela Keegan

    had the pleasure of working with Garrett for several years and witnessed his commitment and compassion to his work and his clients. Garrett has experience working with adults, couples, families and children struggling with stage of life issues to more problematic behavioral health problems. Regardless of the severity of the problem Garrett's approach was always compassionate, caring and dedicated. He is a skilled clinician that I would certainly recommend. Staela Keegan, LCSW, LCADC

  • As a fellow professional in the field I am impressed with Garret's deep compassion, enthusiasm and committed approach to assist his clients in whatever direction that makes sense for them in order to achieve optimal growth. Couples work is far from easy and takes a special person to sit on the other side of "that couch" to help not just one, but two people become better versions of themselves and in their most intimate relationships.

  • laura limond

    As a clinician myself, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Garrett on a number of clients. I can tell you that he is an excellent therapist. He is very warm and develops a strong rapport with people. Most importantly, he is highly skilled at helping individuals and couples work through the issues that stand in the way of greater happiness and fulfillment. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their relationships or quality of life.

  • Charles Smith

    I have worked with Garrett for a number of years and he has continuously proven to be a knowledgeable and caring therapist. He has the experience and skills to work with all clients ranging from individual adults to couples to children and families. Throughout the course of therapy, Garrett helps clients to overcome their unique barriers and obstacles so that they can move forward, more confidently with their lives. I would recommend Garrett to anyone who is struggling and in need of a helping hand. Charles Smith, MSW, LSW

  • Garrett Coan LCSW is a warm, compassionate, thoughtful and experienced psychotherapist. I recommend him highly to anyone looking for couples, family or individual therapy.

  • I currently work with Garrett and find that he is a compassionate clinician who is truly concerned about the well-being of his clients. Garrett is experienced working with clients of all ages, as well as couples counseling and groups. Garrett is open-minded and adaptive making him able to partner with clients through the life stage changes and difficult situations we all face. I highly recommend Garrett if you are looking for a therapist.Carlo Salgado-Russo MSW LSW

  • Heather Feigin

    Garrett is a skilled and experienced clinician. He thinks "outside the box" and comes up with creative ways to help people overcome their challenges. Garrett's concern for each client is evident in the caring approach he takes. I highly recommend Garrett as an excellent therapist. Heather Feigin, LCSW

  • Garrett Coan is a respectful, professional therapist. He is a good listener, is easy to talk to and is able to create open dialogue. He is non-judgmental and has experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds. Brenda NikelsbergAckerman Institute for the Family,Administrator, Center for the Developing Child and Family