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Google Reviews Rating 4.9 72 reviews Jessie Ike Jessie Ike 15 days ago I’m so glad to have found Garrett! The first session was a game changer for myself and my husband. Garrett takes the time to address underlying issues, and he addresses all aspects of marriage – which was refreshing for me. My husband and I leave every session feeling lighter and closer. Thank you Garrett for your questions, security in being vulnerable and tools to allow our growth. Read more Posted on Google aaron chen aaron chen 1 month ago Garret was very attention to details when he administered me and my wife’s session. We were able to discover our differences that we never saw before. I would recommend Garrett to anyone that has marital issues. Posted on Google Kat M Kat M 1 month ago Would definitely recommend Garrett for counseling! He was super easy to book and has time slots to help accommodate those working a traditional 9-5pm. While we’ve only had two sessions so far, we were able to walk away with tangible action items after our first session and are starting to see progress! Posted on Google Aron Movroydis Aron Movroydis 1 month ago My wife and I really enjoyed our time with Garrett. I would always look forward to them. It is a time where my wife and I can set aside everything else in our lives to focus on bring ourselves up to speed with each other’s feelings, issues and challenges. No matter how good or bad your relationship status is, a little bit of therapies is a powerful tool to strengthening it. Read more Posted on Google alejandra vasquez alejandra vasquez 1 month ago He is insightful, neutral, and will guide discussions to unveil the challenges affecting your relationship. After every session you will leave with guidance on how to create a healthier stronger bond with your partner. Posted on Google Jessica Ellis Jessica Ellis 2 months ago My husband and I have been going to Garrett for a few months now and he has greatly improved our relationship and communication skills. He makes us both feel so comfortable and allows us to be totally open and vulnerable, without any judgement. He helps us have difficult conversations during our sessions, but also gives us the tools to be able to have those difficult conversations when we leave. Marriage can have its rough patches, but Garrett has helped us work through ours and I would gladly recommend him to any couples going through a rough patch of their own. Read more Posted on Google Walquiria Beato Walquiria Beato 3 months ago Mr. Garrett gave us Hope. It was a Blessing having Mr. Garrett as our therapist. He is very professional and an excellent therapist. It felt amazing saying things out loud and having him neutral. There wasn’t a competition in dialogue. We could talk and express ourselves freely. I felt strong with my boundaries. I feel strong about what it takes to make a Happy Marriage. Thank you so much Mr. Garrett and we hope that you can help more couples, like you did with us. Read more Posted on Google DRAVIDIAN718QUEENSNY DRAVIDIAN718QUEENSNY 4 months ago Garrett is a great therapist who takes time to listen and provides excellent feedback. His knowledge and understanding of couple hardships is refreshing. I would recommend him to any other couples who are dealing with issues and would like to find a solution! Posted on Google Kevin Urban Kevin Urban 4 months ago Relationships can be difficult. Garrett can help! My wife and I both felt comfortable being raw and vulnerable with Garrett, which was essential for the listening, learning, and healing we both sorely needed. Posted on Google Lisa O Lisa O 4 months ago Mr. Garrett is an excellent therapist, if you are looking for a place to help you resolve your marital conflicts, without a doubt this is the place, Mr. Garrett is very professional and has a unique way to help you understand and resolve your conflicts, he makes you feel comfortable and confident when expressing yourself, in my case I can say that thanks to Mr. Garrett my marriage now is safe and with many good things to contribute thanks to all his advice!! Read more Posted on Google Casey James Scheiner Casey James Scheiner 5 months ago Garrett is an exceptional therapist and asks many thought-provoking and detailed questions to look at the root of marital and relationship issues. He makes all parties feel comfortable and engages everyone to better understand communication issues. I highly recommend his services to anyone who believes they need help in their relationship. Posted on Google L. T. L. T. 5 months ago Garrett is easy to talk to and he has helped us navigate through a tough time. I am glad we found him. Posted on Google Angeline M Angeline M 6 months ago Garrett touched upon various problem areas that couples experience to explore areas of conflict in our relationship. He assisted in facilitating communication between my husband and I to resolve unsettled issues. Through our sessions, we were able to recognize the importance of our relationship and how prioritizing one another is essential for marital satisfaction. After just one session, our communication patterns improved. We were able to gain new skills which we hope to apply daily to continue to work on our relationship. Thank you Garrett for your help, we highly recommend your services! Read more Posted on Google Triecey Flint Triecey Flint 7 months ago I’ve been going to Dr. Garrett for a few months now. My relationship has improved soo much with my childrens’ father that we are getting remarried. I would highly recommend counseling session with Dr. Garrett. Posted on Google Dana Cherie Dana Cherie 7 months ago Had such a great experience with Garret!!! He really guided my boyfriend and I through really tough, intense circumstances! Really thankful for his insight! Posted on Google ben s ben s 8 months ago Garrett is very good at facilitating difficult conversations between couples. He is an excellent listener. He is able to help us better navigate sensitive topics and improve communication. Instead of never-ending arguments that never get to a resolution, Garrett expertly guides discussions/conversations between my spouse and I, allowing us to find common ground. This leads to improved communication: productive, more open, respectful, non-defensive. It is a work in progress, but Garrett is giving us tools to create a stronger foundation through better communication. Thank you Garrett. Read more Posted on Google Jennifer Negron Jennifer Negron 8 months ago Dr. Coan has been a wonderful therapist! He is so helpful with facilitating conversations that can be hard to have otherwise. He’s an amazing listener and instantly makes you feel at ease and safe to speak freely. Very grateful for the help he’s provided to my relationship! Posted on Google Janet Janet 9 months ago Our experience with Mr. Coan was a pleasant one! He was attentively a good listener to our issues and provided positive feedback. He gave both sides a chance to express feelings and concerns. We were able to learn from each other while working with Mr. Coan in a way we couldnt do on our own. In a span of several sessions we achieved to overcome communication issues and relationship obstacles. Thank you Garrett for all your professional assistance. We highly recommend his services! Best of luck to all Read more Posted on Google Nikita Patterson Nikita Patterson 9 months ago Dr. Coan has been a blessing to both me and my husband. All of our sessions were productive, ending in postive resolution. Dr. Coan is a great listener, he offers excellent plans of action, and I’d definitely recommend his expertise/services for any couple experiencing any level of conflict in their relationship. Posted on Google andrea breitman andrea breitman 9 months ago Garrett has been such a gift to our relationship! We look forward to our time with him and always have much to reflect on afterwards. His insight and suggestions have helped us to remember each other’s perspectives and while our connection has always been strong, we have grown even closer because of it. Thank you Garrett! Posted on Google Free Google Reviews widget